Raliaz Head Scarves & Fashion Jewelry

Family owned and operated, Raliaz began in 2010 to bring comfortable, fashionable head coverings and jewelry to our customers at great prices.  Raliaz knows that cute bandanas and head wrap scarves are important for a variety of reasons, but our reason to offer these comes from having three close family members battle cancer and suffer hair loss due to the chemotherapy.  To ensure those battling cancer and those losing hair because of treatment have a dignified and fashionable way to style their hair and accessorize, Raliaz came to fruition.

Beyond serving as cancer head scarves, our women’s head wraps can be used for a variety of other hair-related applications.  Tie a colorful wrap around your weaves before hitting the gym or going to bed to protect your hair; wrap the head coverings around your hair and protect your hair from sun damage outside or at the beach.  These cute bandanas also function as laid back hair accessories for a boho fashion style – pair with a maxi skirt and flowy blouse or even jean shorts and a crop-top!  Furthermore, for those looking for a modest head covering for religious reasons, you can buy these head wrap scarves and still look absolutely fabulous!

New Products

Grey baseball cap with black pom pom
Our Price: $25.00
black/grey beanie
Our Price: $25.00
Blue and black beanie
Our Price: $25.00
Pretied bandana
Our Price: $14.99
Purple beanie
Our Price: $18.00